About LifeStep Coaching

LifeStep Coaching LLC uses a strength based approach to inspire, educate and empower women to feel genuinely happy from the inside out. The business was born out of the great need that Melissa found in women of all ages to find clarity in their life transitions. Clients will develop greater awareness and learn practical tools that will help them take the steps needed to move forward. They will develop “LifeStep Practices” that will consistently support them in living with confidence and certainty in every area of their lives.

garden-path-1099763About Melissa

Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Life Coach 
Melissa Schnapp is Founder and President of LifeStep Coaching, LLC. She has been educating and inspiring individuals for over 25 years. As a Positive Life Coach she offers dynamic group presentations and workshops as well as individually helping people define and create their best lives. Melissa’s knowledge and expertise in the area of positive psychology and mindfulness training along with her natural enthusiasm combine in her wonderful ability to connect with people of all ages.

Educator, Program Developer, Coach
Melissa launched her career as an elementary school teacher in New York City. After receiving her M.Ed. in Special Education from The Bank Street College of Education, she developed several parent education programs designed to coach learning disabled children and their families. This inspired Melissa to make coaching her career. She earned her CPEC (Certified Personal and Executive Coach) from the College of Executive Coaching in Santa Barbara, California.


Melissa and Dr. Seligman

Master of Applied Positive Psychology, an in-depth study of the science of human flourishing  Discovering an affinity for Positive Psychology, Melissa earned her Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from the University of Pennsylvania, under the tutelage of Dr. Martin Seligman, the most eminent psychologist of the 20th century and the father of Positive Psychology.

What is Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of what makes life worth living. It is often referred to as the “Science of Happiness.” Psychology has more often than not emphasized the shortcomings of individuals as compared with their potentials. The Positive Psychology approach focuses on the potentials. It is not targeted at fixing problems, but is focused on applying the research to create a meaningful life. Melissa will coach you to apply the science of happiness and success to your life!


Jon Kabat Zinn

Melissa and Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Melissa has also completed the Practicum in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Professionals at Jefferson Myrna-Brind Center of Integrative Medicine. Melissa has had the opportunity to study mindfulness and the MBSR approach directly with Center for Mindfulness leader Jon Kabat–Zinn.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way of training your mind to pay attention and live your life in the richness of the present moment. Being here now, rather than dwelling in the past or overwhelmed by worries about the future. It’s a simple practice that strengthens the mind’s ability to stay focused on what is happening right now and to be open to experience-meeting the present moment with care, curiosity and kindness.